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Suirway Group Rallysprint Championship Gathers Momentum

Since the announcement of Mondello Park’s Suirway Group Rallysprint championship two weeks ago, there has been a flurry of activity as rally cars round the country are pulled out of hibernation in preparation for the opening round on August 16th.
At a media day last week, a number of cars and drivers not only sampled the course layout, but gave high speed passenger rides to media attendees. James Coleman’s 330bhp MK2 Escort proved to be a favourite with many whilst McGeehan Motorsport fielded a MINI WRC car and and Brian Brady an R2 Fiesta. Drivers were all complimentary about the 6.5km stage, which competitors will tackle a number of times during the day on each round.

Derek McGeehan Drifts the MINI WRC out of the final corner at the Suirway Rallysprint launch last week

Interest in the Championship has come from many different disciplines, with McGeehan Motorsport are keen to field a number of R5 cars and possibly a WRC car or two also. At the other end of the spectrum, seasoned Mondello racer Michael Cullen will enter his son Victor in Junior class for his Mondello debut. Victor will drive a Zetec Fiesta, showing that the Suirway Championship really caters for all cars!
Other interested parties include Rob Barrable, who is considering competing in the series in an R5 car, as well as some other well known Rally competitors who are keen to get back behind the wheel after a long break.

Motorsport Ireland guidelines for single occupancy means co-drivers won’t be allowed for the opening round, but it is the intention of the organisers to allow double occupancy once restrictions are relaxed.

Series sponsor James Coleman, Angela Henehan, Motorsport Ireland Rally Commission and Mondello Park MD Roddy Greene at the launch of the Suirway Group Rallycross Championship

John Kenny from RTE was at the launch and had this to say: “With rallying decimated in Ireland, this year, many drivers could be left on the sidelines in Ireland biggest Motorsport discipline. The Suirway Group Rallysprint series will at least give those craving a return to the sport a chance to run their cars in anger on a technically demanding stage and can do so in the knowledge that they will run in a safe,secure environment at Mondello Park”

Sunday 16th August – Round 1

Sunday 18th October – Round 2

Sunday 1st November – Round 3

Sunday 6th December – Round 4

There will be the following classes in accordance with App 30, Paragraph 9, 2020 MI Yearbook:

Entries are just €210 and are now open on

Class 1:     2WD Rally Cars up to 1450cc normally aspirated
A     Cars up to 1450cc with only 2 valves per cylinder
B     Cars up to 1450cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder

Class 2:     2WD Rally Cars from 1451cc up to 1650cc normally aspirated
A     Cars from 1451cc up to 1650cc with only 2 valves per cylinder
B    Cars from 1451cc up to 1650cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder

Class 3:     2WD Rally Cars from 1651cc up to 2100cc normally aspirated
A     Cars from 1651cc up to 2100cc with only 2 valves per cylinder
B     Cars from 1651cc up to 2100cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder

Class 4:     2WD Rally Cars from 2101cc up to 3500cc normally aspirated

Class 5:     All 4WD Cars
A     4WD Group N complying with their last published homologation papers as per FIA Appendix J
B     4WD Rally Cars including all WRC complying with their last published homologation papers as per FIA Appendix J and National Tarmac Class 15

Class 6:     Rallycross Cars up to 1650cc

Class 7:     Rallycross Cars 1651cc to 2150cc

Class 8:     Rallycross Cars over 2150cc

Class 9:     Rallycross Supercars

Class 10: Cars up to 1400cc being driven by Junior Speed Competition Licence holders aged 14-16 years inclusive. Co-drivers allowed subject to their holding a minimum of a National B Competition Licence and be 21 years or over*.
For Junior Speed Licence details – see Appendix 1.

Class 11: Buggies

Class 12:  16 to 18 years old up to 1600cc, co-driver allowed*.

Upgrade from Class 10 may only be made after 6 finishes in Class 10.
*Co-driver subject COVID restrictions and approval of Motorsport Commission.

James Coleman with the Mk2 Escort he will drive in the Suirway Group Rallysprint Championship

Images from Tony Gavin Photography

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