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Steiner Stars as Formula 1: Drive To Survive is a Huge Netflix Hit!

Netflix’s highly-anticipated Formula 1 series is now available to watch on Netflix, and is already receiving rave reviews, with F1 fans binge watching, in true Netflix style! Formula 1: Drive to Survive is a gripping, high-octane 10 part series which is the first to give exclusive and intimate access to the greatest racing competition in the world.

Somewhat surprisingly, both Ferrari and Mercedes chose not to take part in the series, both citing the fact that they were concentrating on their efforts to win the world championship- although Ferrari did allow limited access after the Italian Grand Prix. This however, possibly even adds to the attraction – as we go inside some of the teams who do not usually receive quite as much media exposure. Haas, for example, is one such team, as we watch the ecstasy of the entire them when they are running fourth and fifth in Australia, turn to heart breaking despair as two botched pit stops ruin their race. The subsequent phone call from from team principal Guenther Steiner to team owner Carl Haas is also shown- a real insight into how the sport works at the top level. “We could have looked like rock stars, Carl” he says. “But now we look like a fucking bunch of w*nkers. A bunch of f*cking clowns.” Steiner has emerged as a star of the series this far, his foul mouthed rants, adding to the image he started when he famously told Romain Grosjean to “Shut Up” over the team radio at the 2017 US Grand Prix!

From the makers of Senna and Amy, this series reveals the true story of the sport – not only the fight to be number one, but the battle for the heart, soul, and direction of this multi-billion-dollar business.

Formula 1 is undergoing a huge revolution since the takeover in January 2017 by Liberty Media. All eyes are on the sport as they undergo a reinvention to build the sports’ sustainability and put passion at its heart. The series has unprecedented access to the top drivers, principals and owners , giving a deeper insight into the personal lives, the sacrifices and challenges of those who have dedicated everything to their love of the world’s fastest sport.

As a new generation of drivers step out of the shadows of the older more experienced rivals and legends of the track, the scene is set for a new wave of gripping competition and challenges on the grid.

Beginning in Melbourne where the world of high stakes, adrenaline and passion that underlies Formula 1 is launched. From there the series moves with the teams following each of the races; from Bahrain to Canada, Austria, Singapore, Austin to Brazil, before culminating in the final fight of the season in Abu Dhabi, where scores are there to be settled.

Paul Martin from Box to Box Films: “Netflix was the perfect platform on which to tell the inside story of this incredible sport. F1 has long been a world of colourful characters and super-sized ego’s,  thrills and drama, victory and tragedy but until now that world has been largely hidden and secretive from fans. Formula 1 : Drive to Survive takes the viewers right into the heart of this world and shows what it is like to live, work and race within the world’s fastest sport.”

Race fans have praised the series as “the best thing to happen to F1 in years” and were unanimous in their verdict on the exciting new series, which can only be good for the sport.