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“As we enter our sixth season of Formula One in 2016, we’re publishing our traditional end-of-year statistics, which tell the story of our 2015 programme in numbers. This was an evolutionary year, with the teams continuing to develop cars introduced to meet the new turbo hybrid regulations. As always, the development curve accelerated towards the end of the year, with

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F1- A Smoking Gun?- with David Hall

Before the Silverstone Grand Prix came the news of a plan to revamp F1 for 2017. The Strategy Group, camped deep within the bowels of Biggin Hill, had met and approved important decisions. – Increased restrictions on driver aids and coaching. Starting from this year’s Belgian GP (Hallelujah) “Enhancing race excitement and unpredictability” – Power unit penalties have been unanimously

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Take The Power Back- F1 with David Hall

Between the emotional re-watching of the Senna movie, and another trip back in time (below) from McLaren Honda, I got very nostalgic this week. (Seriously, don’t try to tell me that Alonso MP4/4 shot isn’t perfect.) Senna fighting a bucking Lotus. The visceral noise of the Ferrari 412 (T1/T2) The utterly outrageous Renault Turbos. (Maybe Renault should dust off the

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The End of an Era in F1?- with David Hall

Like many other sports, Formula 1 goes through cycles. Successful teams come and go as often as Adrian Newey decides he wants to design a new boat or until Gordon Murray decides he’d rather build an all-conquering GT/Road car. Gladly Ross Brawn got tired of fishing for a while, helping Benetton & Ferrari to success and then laying the foundation

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