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With ‘Brexit’ having a derogatory effect on the strength of sterling and Easter being later in the calendar this year, accommodation in Killarney has become significantly more expensive. The organisers therefore, have renegotiated certain  costs to make Déjà vu Killarney 2017 a more attractive financial proposition. 

REGISTRATION: Reduced to €225.00

The initial registration fee of €250.00 covered a car with as many occupants as you wished. This has now been reduced this to €225.00. Please note that up to two occupants will receive the welcome pack. Additional passengers will be able to  purchase Route Books, Rally Plates and souvenir gifts.

BANQUETS: Reduced by 25% to €75.00 per person.

Even though there will be no reduction in the quality of the Saturday and Sunday night functions at The Malton Hotel, which include three-course dinners and entertainment, they have been able to reduce the cost by a quarter. Dinners will now cost €75.00 per person per dinner.

NOTE: Those who have already registered and paid for dinners will be reimbursed to avail of these reductions.

HOTELS: Since Easter is so late this year, Killarney will be extremely busy and hotel rooms will be at a premium. 

Although The Malton Hotel will be our official base, there are numerous nearby hotels including the excellent Killarney Royal, sister of The Malton. We advise you to book your room as soon as possible.

REGISTRATION: Full details with online registration are available HERE

Déjà vu Killarney also has a new Facebook Page, which you can see HERE


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