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Video- Dunlop Saloon Car Championship 1995. Cullen Vs Barrable.

In the early 90’s, saloon racing in Ireland was very strong. With Dunlop backing the Group N series, and Plum Tyndall’s RPM cameras capturing all the action, the mighty Cosworths and multiple Peugeot 205 GTIs gave packed grids and close racing. A few years later though, and the Cossies were a bit thin on the ground and to relaunch the series, the brave decision was made to put a 2 litre limit on the class. It was an immediate success.

In 1995, the Dunlop Saloon car championship was a straight fight between Michael Cullen’s Murray Motorsport Astra and Barry Barrable’s older shape AMF machine. It is fair to say they were not exactly bosom buddies either, with the pair coming together on more than one occasion. This is the race from the televised Leinster Trophy meeting of that year and it was no surprise to see them slug it out again, despite a grid shuffled from a qualifying shootout in damp conditions!

Once again, it’s hard to believe this was 20 years ago!


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