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Red Bull’s fall- in the words of the drinking man!

Christian had it pretty good. Four years in a row his pub (The Red Lion) was pub of the year and four years in a row served the best pint. Things had changed though. New cooling systems had become popular in modern pubs. It wasn’t enough to taste good. New customers wanted their pints to be ice cold too.

Christian was pretty confident though. He had the same guy looking after his beer lines for years. Cyril hadn’t quite got the resources of the likes of Paddy’s Bar but he assured Chris that he’d got ideas that would keep the beer just as cold without the need to overhaul the pub’s layout.

Except it didn’t quite work out that way.

Last season Paddy’s swept the board.
Pub of the year.
Best Pint.
And to make it worse they seemed to be more popular on the Twitter.


Christian called a crisis meeting with Cyril.

We need to fix this, Cyril. I’ve been down to Paddy’s and their setup looks a lot different to ours. Why do we have our coolers down in the basement, with the kegs, when they have them up at the bar? Surely it makes more sense to have shorter runs of pipe for the cold beer.

I thought about that, Christian, but we could fit bigger coolers down in the basement this time and that would achieve the same results. I’ve insulated the pipes too so that should help. We’ll try it this weekend.

Ok. If you’re sure it’ll fix it. I’ve some new lagers to try this weekend. Get it done.


Christian arrived in the pub the following weekend, all set up to try out the new lagers and see how Cyril had improved the cooling system. It was a success. Sure the insulation took up a lot of room, but the pints were finally cold. Something seemed off though. The pub was also cold.


What’s going on, Cyril. Why are all the heaters off?

-We’ve had a problem.

What the hell is wrong now?

-Well, we’ve sorted the pints out but we’re using too much power. I’ve had to turn off the heaters so we don’t trip the mains.

You’re joking? How am I going to run a pub with no heating?

-Beer garden?

Look. The weather looks good for the weekend. We’ll run the new system and sort something out next week.

The phone rang *Scream If You Wanna Go Faster *
It was his main barman, Ricci. Disaster. Customers had complained about the pub being cold and when he turned on the heaters the power had gone. The pub had closed up early and the customers weren’t very happy about it. Even worse, most of them took advantage of Happy Hour up at Paddys.


He called Cyril immediately.

This is a disgrace. I can’t run a pub like this. I might as well shut it down!
Get me the right coolers and move them up into the bar or you’re gone!

-I’m sorry, Chris. I can’t. I’ve spent all the budget I had on that setup and it would cost too much to try and change it now. Maybe if we could ask for a bigger power supply we’d be okay.

We can’t get a bigger bloody power supply. For Christ sake man, even the Latino Bar is starting to do more business than us.

-Sorry, Christian, but I haven’t the funds to give you what you want.

Forget it I’m off to Monaco with the wife,
and I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want-
A f*cking Mercedes supply!




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