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tongue in cheek F1 News

Legislation to be hurried through after McLaren colour scheme change.
Governing body also looking into Lotus’ modified chassis.

The FIA are to rush through legislation on Formula One team colour schemes, following McLaren’s new black and red colours split fans on social media.

A source was quoted as saying “This could open the floodgates. We thought limiting the drivers’ helmets would be the end of it, but clearly the resources are still there to show individuality. This must be stamped out immediately.” They added “Obviously we need to act now, before McLaren find a colour scheme that people want.”

Restrictions will also be placed on how many time the MP4/4 can be used in testing.
“You know, the one the fans actually like”

Ron Dennis insisted that “The optical enhancement of colour maximisation may further be implemented throughout the course of the season, unless financial incentive was found to replicate a specific combination as set out previously”

Unfortunately, we don’t think this means red and white is returning.


Lotus were also warned of their continuing refusal to conform dull corporate stereotypes. Notably the FIA were concerned that elements of the “Mad Max” Lotus might find their way onto the race car stating “Maldonado seemed to have enough problems keeping his current car together as it was.”

Our source added “Horns on a nosecone. This is outrageous, we though tusks of last season were bad enough”

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