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New Junior MINI Race Series Announced

Mondello Park today announced their new for 2022 Junior Saloon Class. The Junior MINI Challenge will run as part of the hugely successful Irish Championship Circuit Racing (ICCR) initiative.
Boys and girls from ages 14-17 can sign up to take part in what will be a highly cost effective first step on the motorsport ladder. The R50 MINI Cooper or MINI One models are eligible and specific regulations, which will be tightly policed, are already available on These cars are available cheaply and the specified parts required  to build into a race car mean that a self built car could conceivably be on the grid for under €6,000. Alternatively, a number of teams are offering to build cars and sell them to competitors. Using a control ECU, the 1.6 litre cars will produce circa 120bhp and with minimal adjustment allowed, the emphasis will be on driver skill and racecraft.

Leo Nulty, MINI Junior Challenge Promoter “This is hugely exciting and will be a welcome addition to the ICCR. I have driven the first car which Mondello have had  built and it is perfect. Quick enough to be fun and a little bit tail happy, which should teach the budding racers the art of car control perfectly. We will also be offering assistance and training to competitors, more of which will be announced at a later date.”

Roddy Greene, Managing Director Mondello Park: “This is a great option for young drivers and we will offer them every assistance as they begin their journey on their motor racing career. It was always a wish of (late circuit owner) Martin Biranne that we would assist young drivers and help them to hopefully reach the world stage.”

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