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ON THE ROAD- One For The Money; Elvis Presley’s Cadillac heads to auction

A royal entry into the new year is guaranteed by Car & Classic’s online auction, where a majestic 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham is guaranteed to instil fever in ‘The King’ Elvis Presley’s fans, who surely can’t help falling in love with the rock star’s car.

Still looking regal and magnificent, if unmolested, the 8200cc Cadillac was bought new in 1974 (1975 MY) by Presley himself from Madison Cadillac Inc, as all the paperwork – more extensive than any of the cars in the Elvis museum! – will reassure any suspicious minds. He specified the sunroof and bonnet-mounted ‘Goddess’ (still there after almost fifty years) and paid $12,512 for it.

The King is estimated to have bought more than 200 Cadillacs in his lifetime. He usually drove them for a while before donating them to family and friends. This particular Caddy was given to Elvis’s doctor in 1976.

Royal physician Dr G. Nichopoulos used the car for the following ten years, when the current owner bought it before selling it in 1990 and then buying it for a second time. The vendor in Sweden is now feeling it is time for them to go their separate ways.

Fittingly, the Cadillac is prominently photographed at many venues, a testament to its worldly, glamorous provenance; Car & Classic’s listing includes period images, a large ‘Graceland’ backdrop, as well as a framed 14k gold key for the car. The car requires recommissioning before being enjoyed but is said to be complete.

“You don’t purchase this car because it’s the ultimate example of American automotive greatness in the Seventies,” says Car & Classic editor Chris Pollitt. “You are buying a piece of original history, a period chariot belonging to one of the most famous showmen in the world. Shame it’s not pink.”

It is probably not a coincidence that The Cadillac’s auction start falls on 8th January, the day The King was born.

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