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Mondello Park Launch 2020 Suirway Group Rallysprint Championship

Mondello Park today announced that they will run a 2020 Rallysprint Championship at the venue, with the first round taking place next month.
As Motorsport Ireland issue dates, and the sport begins to open up once more, many rallies around the country have been either postponed or cancelled in recent months and, as Mondello Park General Manager Roddy Greene explains, they have something to offer rally competitors who otherwise may not have been able to compete in 2020.
“We are back motor racing here at Mondello Park in just over a  week’s time”, he explained, “but for obvious reasons, the “non- gated” disciplines/venues will not be back quite as soon. Our venue is suitable for many disciplines and so we have decided to run, not just a Rallysprint, but a full championship. We are delighted that James Coleman has come on board with us as title sponsor. James is a big supporter of Irish Motorsport and his enthusiasm in infectious.”

James Coleman, Managing Director, Suirway Group “We are delighted to be involved in this new initiative by Mondello Park and great credit to the team there for their creativity in giving all motorsport disciplines a platform in this difficult year to compete and have fun. We have no doubt it will be a very successful 4 round championship and we would like to thank Roddy Green and his team for the opportunity to be involved.”

The Mondello Park Suirway Group Rallysprint Championship will kick off on Sunday the 16th of August, with entries opening on Wednesday 22nd of July and classes catering for almost every race or rally car. The layout will take in some of the Mondello Park International layout, but also includes some loose surface sections, including parts of the Rallycross track and access roads. With entries keenly priced at just €210, Mondello Park and Motorsport Ireland are confident that Rally competitors will relish the opportunity to get back behind the wheel once again.

Sunday 16th August – Round 1

Sunday 18th October – Round 2

Sunday 1st November – Round 3

Sunday 6th December – Round 4

1. All 2wd Rally Cars up to 1450cc normally aspirated
A. Cars up to 1450cc with only 2 valves per cylinder.
B. Cars up to 1450cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder.
2. All 2wd Rally Cars from 1451cc to 1650cc normally aspirated
A. Cars from 1451cc up to 1650cc with only 2 valves per cylinder.
B. Cars from 1451cc up to 1650cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder.
3. All 2wd Rally Cars from 1651cc up to 2100cc normally aspirated
A. Cars from 1651cc up to 2100cc with only 2 valves per cylinder.
B. Cars from 1651cc up to 2100cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder
4. All 2wd Rally Cars from 2101cc up to 3500cc normally aspirated
5. All 4wd Rally Cars
6. Historic Cars up to 1350cc
7. Historic Cars from 1351cc to 1650cc
8. Historic Cars over 1650cc
9 Cars up to 1400cc being driven by Junior Speed Competition License holders
aged 14-16 years inclusive.
Co-drivers allowed subject to their holding a minimum of a National B
Competition License and be 21 years or over.
10. 16 to 18 years old up to 1600 cc co-driver allowed (as per yearbook)
11. Rallycross Cars up to 1650 cc (note – Buggies running in this class are
only eligible for class awards, and NOT for overall positions or awards)

Full regulations will be posted in the coming days on and

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