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The story of Ford versus Ferrari is as compelling as any in motor racing history, and the much anticipated 20th Century Fox movie immortalising it, and starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, has just hit our screens. Aptly entitled “Le Mans ‘66” it reputedly involved no less than 423 vehicles of multiple makes and origins, but the key cars, the GT40s and Cobras, are exact evocations of the now priceless originals. They were produced by Superformance – the only company licensed to build genuine continuation examples complete with Shelby chassis numbers – and identical versions are available to order right now, courtesy of the sole UK importer Le Mans Coupes Ltd.

Built in South Africa by Hi-Tech Automotive, they are accurate to the finest detail and were spared no quarter in the making of this macho movie. The GT40 MKII that won the 1966 Le Mans race is worth many millions of dollars now, while the MKI model that was victorious in France in both 1968 and 1969 is said to be insured for a staggering $100 million. All of which makes the Superformance GT40s incredible value for money. With prices starting from just £162,000, it’s small wonder that some 50 examples have already found homes in the UK.

Said Le Mans Coupes Managing Director Oliver Hulme: “The unrivalled pedigree of the Superformance cars has made them increasingly popular over the last few years – they are the perfect antidote to the anodyne vehicles of today. Unsurprisingly, interest in them has risen still higher since details of the landmark film were announced, and I can imagine our phones will be ringing long after general cinema goers have moved on to other topics, as “Le Mans ‘66” will be introducing these matchless motorcars to a whole new era of enthusiasts.”

For full details of the evocation GT40s, Cobra Roadsters, Cobra Daytona Coupe and Corvette Grand Sport available from Le Mans Coupes Ltd, see

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