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“The Lunaz mission is to define the future of classics. We preserve the past by embracing the future, making the most beautiful cars in history a relevant proposition.”
David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz

Lunaz is answering the questions of reliability, usability and sustainability with the introduction of pinnacle classic cars, restored and converted to electric powertrains. The completely unique, proprietary powertrain is designed, engineered and manufactured in Silverstone, England, under the technical leadership of former Technical Director, Renault F1, Jon Hilton. Lunaz will make the most beautiful and celebrated cars in history ready for the future.

The choice of location for Lunaz’s global HQ reflects the founders’ belief in Britain as the world’s preeminent centre of technical innovation, particularly in the development of electric powertrains.

A 1961 eight-seat Rolls-Royce Phantom V, 1953 Jaguar XK120 and 1956 Rolls-Royce Cloud are currently being prepared for market introduction. The Jaguar XK120 is fitted with an 80-kWH electric battery pack whilst the Rolls-Royce Phantom V is specified with a 120-kWH power unit. Each classic by Lunaz represents an entirely custom restoration. Its cars are analysed to the millimetre to ensure Lunaz’s engineers develop the most appropriate powertrain solution for the character of the car and the intended driving dynamics.

All classics by Lunaz are engineered with fast charging capability, regenerative braking systems and the sensitive integration of modern conveniences like traction control and cruise control. These cars will be the first electrified examples of their kind in the world. The choice of iconic classics to convert is testament to Lunaz’s confidence in an electrification package developed, engineered and manufactured entirely in-house.

The market is enthusiastically anticipating their completion and each will be truly one-of-a-kind with colourways and interiors finessed by leaders in bespoke automotive and fashion design.

The Jaguar XK120 by Lunaz is currently in its final testing phase and will demonstrate the power of combining new world technology with old world beauty. The Jaguar’s twin motors produce 700NM (516lb ft) from zero engine speed and 375bhp.

From its inception in early 2018, the company has hired the very best engineering, design and manufacturing talent. The team has been handpicked to satisfy all of the identified requirements of Lunaz’s clientele and includes expertise from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ford, Formula 1, Jaguar, Volkswagen, McLaren and Rolls-Royce.

The restoration and conversion process represents re-engineering from the ground up. It starts with an exhaustive inspection. Each corner is then weighed to understand the original weight distribution to the gram. This information informs decisions on chassis setup, powertrain packaging and suspension. The internal combustion engine and associated systems are then removed and the chassis is prepared for electrification.

The car is then 3D scanned; this allows the engineers to create detailed CAD models to ensure technical perfection in every step of the process. The specifics of Lunaz’s electric propulsion technology is closely guarded, but each classic by Lunaz is designed, developed, engineered and tested in-house using the highest specification modules available for automotive applications.

Traditional coachbuilding and restoration skills are then employed and the car is stripped down to a bare metal shell. Even imperceptible body defects are addressed by hand before the surface finish process begins.

The same approach extends to the interior. The in-house design team make subtle adaptations to integrate modern conveniences such as satellite telecommunications, WiFi, audiovisual entertainment and navigation aids.

The accessories associated with electric powertrains including battery chargers and DC converters are sensitively integrated into the existing design of the car, utilising the fuel filler cap for charging and adapting dials to an appropriate read-out for the electrical powertrain. New air conditioning and electronic heating systems are installed and the accelerator is converted to a throttle-by-wire system. Following the uprating of braking, suspension, steering and electronics systems every circuit is tested before first start-up procedures begin.

Lunaz’s commitment to technical excellence informed the choice of HQ at the Silverstone Technology Park. The site is globally renowned as a centre of innovation and the perfect location to design, engineer and manufacture every classic by Lunaz. It is a place where the world’s finest engineering minds rapidly develop solutions in intense sporting competition for both traditional internal combustion engines and electric propulsion. Lunaz has access to this globally recognised pool of talent as the company grows.

Lunaz’s placement adjacent to Virgin Racing’s Formula E team is no accident and has given the founders access to some of the most talented engineers in the industry. The technical workshop also stands next to Ferrari’s Corse Clienti race team, rightfully placing Lunaz at the heart of the automotive world.

Lunaz’s proposition is equally informed by an intimate understanding of the wider luxury world. This extends to the in-house team of designers and craftspeople that established themselves delivering marine, architectural, private aviation and automotive commissions. It will fall to them to deliver on the promise of truly bespoke electric classics, with customers given the scope to make considered changes to the original design, tailored to current lifestyle and aesthetic requirements.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom and Rolls-Royce Cloud by Lunaz are nearing completion at the firm’s technical base. Following restoration and conversion, the cars will join the Jaguar XK120 in being subjected to an exhaustive period of testing and proving in all conditions and road types.

Lunaz focuses on converting and restoring only the very best expressions of classic motoring. The company is committed to remaining faithful to the beauty of these cars. The founders’ approach to selecting a vehicle for restoration is informed by an intimate understanding of the classic car world and utilises a network built over decades. Each classic by Lunaz breathes new life, usability and relevance to the most celebrated classics in history.

Build slots can be secured through direct relationship with the manufacturer. Pricing starts at £350,000 (excluding local taxes). Clients will be able to order a classic by Lunaz from November 2019.

Lunaz’s proposition is borne of a deep personal passion for the preservation of the most celebrated cars in history. Founder, David Lorenz, has held a lifelong love of classics and, as a committed driver, he sought to create a car that combines the beauty of a classic with the dynamics and usability of a modern car.

“I wanted a car like a 1953 Jaguar to be my daily driver, Lunaz takes a history we all love and gives it a bright future. We are innovating to create cars that are usable, dynamic and stand as the ultimate drivers’ classics.”

It was while waiting for repair at the side of the road he his vision for Lunaz fully formed; to answer these questions of usability, reliability and sustainability. This was put into sharper focus by the birth of his first child.

For Luna, my daughter, not to have access to a car like the Mercedes-Benz 190SL when she is of driving age would be a tragedy. Without building Lunaz, this is the reality she faces.”

David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz

The company name is a tribute to her and Lorenz is singularly focused on ensuring that the classic cars that have bred such passion for him today can be enjoyed by a generation for whom sustainability and relevance will define every purchasing decision.

“I want to respond to the demands of those drawn to the beauty and romance of classic cars but reject them because the current proposition doesn’t align with their sensibilities and lifestyle requirements. Lunaz provides these people the perfect solution; a beautiful but usable, sustainable and reliable electric classic.”

Lunaz’s Managing Director and Technical Lead, Jon Hilton’s career started by engineering the powertrains for a successful helicopter world speed record at Rolls-Royce PLC. He then moved to the development of engines for motorsport. One of the most highly regarded technical minds in his field, Hilton built his reputation as Technical Director for Renault F1 where he developed the engine for Fernando Alonso’s successive World Championships.

Hilton left to exploit the potential applications beyond the sport bred by the introduction of new Kinetic Recovery Systems (KERS). While developing this technology, Hilton also technically directed the first ever hybrid Le Mans entry for Hope Polevision Racing sparking a passion for alternative powertrains.

The KERS business worked with OEMs seeking to integrate the technology, priming him for the leadership of a fast-growing technical company like Lunaz.

“The Lunaz solution takes cars that are under threat and gives them new purpose. These cars will be true to the original in their aesthetic, peerless in their performance and effortless in their day-to-day use. To breathe new life into these classics represents vital engineering in the purest sense.” 

Jon Hilton, Managing Director and Technical Lead, Lunaz

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