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Electric GT eKart club member Aoife Melia, from Galway, travelled to Adria International Raceway in Italy last weekend to test the latest version of the electric eKart.
Having successfully tested the eKart in Spain back in April, Aoife was invited to Italy by Play and Drive, the manufacturers of the electric powered kart, to try their latest machine, which has a number of upgrades and improvements over the original..
Aoife was amongst a number of other karters invited to test the updated machine and despite never having seen the circuit before, topped the timesheets with fastest time of the day!

Aoife Melia “I really enjoyed that. The eKart is so much fun to drive- it has incredible torque compared to a two stroke engine, and in qualifying mode is even quicker! The eKart now has front disc brakes, like a shifter kart, and that was new to me, but they worked really well.”

Guillaume Meura (Play And Drive)  “I think Aoife has a great talent and she understood really quickly how our electric go-kart works. Moreover, she has a great intuition to read new tracks, you only need to see the lap times that she has achieved in very few laps!”

Aoife Melia, 19, is a kart racer from Galway in Ireland. With 10 years karting experience, she was added to the Electric GT eKart Drivers Club after a successful initial test at Pau in Spain in April 2018.
She is currently studying at the College of Motorsport in Silverstone and hopes to pursue a career in Motorsport engineering as well as continuing her driving career.

The eKart is a new concept in Motorsport. Powered by a 4.2Kwh, 50hp electric motor, it can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, going on to a top speed of 150km/h.
The Electric GT Series intend to run a championship for the electric machines, as a feeder class for their EGT Series and have recruited a series of young drivers specifically for this purpose.

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