Skip to content’s Ian Lynas Receives R.I.A.C. Reynolds Trophy

The Reynolds Trophy, which is awarded by the RIAC Archive to the person or persons who make the greatest contribution to the preservation of Irish motoring or motorcycle history, has been awarded for 2018 to Ian Lynas, the well known motoring and motorsport writer.

The Royal Irish Automobile Club Archive committee awarded the trophy for 2018 to Ian Lynas in recognition of his balanced and authoritative reporting in a career spanning more than 40 years.

The trophy was awarded to Ian by Arthur Jolly, Chairman of the RIAC Archive committee at a lunch in the RIAC on Monday 3rd of December.

Arthur commented “I am delighted in particular to see Ian’s excellent work on recording Irish Motorsport recognised by the award of this prestigious trophy.”

The trophy commemorates the late Dudley Reynolds, who as well as being a distinguished competitor in events such as the Monte Carlo Rally and Circuit of Ireland, was a past chairman of the RIAC. Past winners of the Reynolds Trophy have included the later Maurice Bryan (2010), Tom Farrell (2011), Harry Havelin (2012) and Tom Heavey (2013), Kevin O’Driscoll (2014) Jom Boland (2015) and MVMC&CC (2016). The trophy was not awarded in 2017.

Ian Lynas is Road Test Editor of

Images from Michael Chester