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Nicole Drought to Race In Citroen C1 4 Hours at Snetterton

Nicole Drought will cross the Irish sea this weekend for her first taste of UK Endurance racing when she joins Preptech UK team at the Citroen C1 Challenge 4 Hour race at the famous Snetterton circuit in Norfolk. The Trade Team C1 Challenge is designed to provide a low cost method of going endurance racing. Making use of the 1.0 Citroen C1 car with very limited modifications, this series offers an excellent affordable way to go racing

Nicole competes in the Irish Stryker Championship in 2018 and has visited the podium on three occasions so far. She has also competed in the Mondello Park Fiesta 6 Hour Endurance race, so the concept of a low powered one make race won’t be a new experience for the former Irish Sportswoman of the Year. The Gem Oils supported driver is also no stranger to 1.0 power, as she currently leads that class of the Motorsport Ireland Endurance Trial Championship in a Nissan Micra!

There are an incredible 54 of the 68bhp Citroens entered for the race on Saturday and despite never having driven on, or even seen the circuit, Nicole is looking forward to the weekend.

“I’m delighted to have been invited to take part and I can’t wait to meet the team and see the car! Sure, the C1 will be slower than my usual Stryker, but like the Mondello Fiestas, the speed is irelevant when you are surrounded by a group of similar cars. I don’t know the circuit at all, but I have been learning as much as I can from maps and onboard coverage for the last week or so! With four hours of racing, we won’t be testing, so I will try to learn the track in qualifying and then stay out of trouble in the early stages- after that we will see how it pans out. Preptech UK are hugely experienced and very successful so no doubt they will have our strategy well planned!”

The Trade Team C1 Challenge 4 Hour race starts at 2:25 on Saturday next.

About Preptech UK:

Preptech UK works with aspiring drivers who are looking for an exhilarating adventure in Motorsport, supported at trackside by proven successful mechanics who really understand the Motorsport world. Preptech UK provides professional backup and services to maximise your chances of success.
Preptech UK is a professional road, track and race car preparation consultancy. They offer the complete motorsport engineering service.
The Preptech UK business, formed in 2006 by Oliver Barnard, has gone from strength to strength. Preptech UK works closely with experienced Motorsport trained mechanics to provide race drivers with a professional service focused on delivery of 100% customer satisfaction. In the background away from race weekends, Preptech UK provides race car and track-day preparation services. Although they now specialise in Saloon Car racing, Preptech have worked in some of the best race series in the UK and overseas.

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