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60 Seconds With: John Morris

Name: John Morris

Occupation: I own and run Oil and Gas Services  which is my primary business. It’s a domestic and commercial boiler service, repair and installation company. I have a number of other smaller business interests J!

Road Car: Seat Leon TDI

Dream Road Car: Ferrari Portofina. It’s simply beautiful and easier to get in and out of than a 488!

Race Car: None at present.

Dream Race Car: I’d love a Williams FW08C or failing that a similar generation F1 car.

Race of My Life: Phoenix Park 1999. I won both races in the RT2000 which was amazing considering my involvement with the event in previous years. The gearbox jammed in 4th as I crossed the finish line in the first race!

Biggest Supporter: People say their Father, but mine thought I was mad, or their wife, but again mine thought I was selfish, so probably my brother Eoin who use to come and help me when I was Rally-Crossing.

Other Interests: I love Wexford and Kilgorman Holiday Park where I try to spend as much free time as possible over the summer. I like most sports but apart from playing a little bit of golf, I don’t partake in any others now.

Favourite Food: All Food!

Favourite Restaurant: Fallons in Kilcullen.

It’s’s round- what are you having? Normally a Heineken but if you’re buying Leo I’ll have a double 20 year old Red Brest with water!

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I’m a qualified motor mechanic. Everything else just kind of happened!

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