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ON THE ROAD- Bridgestone launch Turanza T005 premium touring tyre in Ireland

Bridgestone has launched their new Turanza T005 premium touring tyre in Ireland which is A rated for wet braking.

Developed and produced in Europe, Bridgestone Turanza T005 delivers outstanding wet performance and fuel economy, combined with high mileage, to give drivers full control in challenging daily situations, especially on rainy days.

 “The early reaction from the tyre trade and motorists in Ireland has been very positive,” says Colm Conyngham, Marketing and PR Manager, Bridgestone Ireland. “One of the top concerns for Irish motorists is wet weather performance and the T005 has been engineered to excel in this area.”

The Bridgestone Turanza T005 is now available in a wide line-up in tyre centres around Ireland and will be replacing the T001 EVO. The Turanza T005 size line-up will provide almost complete coverage of touring tyre demand by 2019, with more than 140 sizes for 14’’ to 21’’ rims. At the same time, Bridgestone will simplify its touring tyre line-up, with Turanza T005 and DriveGuard covering the complete touring segment.

Bridgestone Turanza T005 has already been chosen as original fitment by top car brands and will be seen on the road in the coming months.

Jakob Rønsholt, Managing Director, Products and Solutions Strategy at Bridgestone EMEA summarises: “The new Turanza T005 premium touring tyre is a core product in the Bridgestone portfolio with significantly high demand coverage. No chances were taken in its development: we analysed consumer needs very carefully and then produced a tyre that meets these expectations. Bridgestone Turanza T005 puts drivers in control, especially in the wet.”

Master Your Journey, Even On A Rainy Day

Bridgestone refers to end-users as the “BOSS” and the BOSS is the inspiration for the design of Bridgestone Turanza T005. During its development, Bridgestone interviewed thousands of premium tyre buyers across Europe to identify their needs and expectations of a touring tyre, and the challenges they face in daily driving. The conclusions are clear: buyers of premium tyres want a tyre that makes them feel safe but lets them enjoy driving. They want a tyre that puts them in full control in daily, challenging situations, especially on rainy days. And a tyre that also gives them good fuel efficiency and mileage.

Bridgestone Turanza T005 premium touring tyre meets all these expectations. It is a tyre that enables you to keep going with full control in adverse conditions, especially the wet, from taking highway turns to unexpected braking in the city.

Turanza T005: outstanding wet performance, certified by TÜV SÜD

Turanza T005 offers drivers best-in-class EU label A-grade wet grip and outstanding B-grade rolling resistance. Selected sizes in the line-up provide A/A grade performance.

The best-in-class wet lateral grip and wet braking performance has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, one of Europe’s most respected independent automotive testing institutes[1].

To achieve this high-level performance, Bridgestone engineers put together a premium wet package of materials and tread design.  The dense siping in the blocks and void distribution in the centre section of the tread help to produce highly-efficient water drainage. Using new mixing technology, Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech™ polymer is mixed in the high-silica-content compound to help maximise wear, wet grip and fuel efficiency.

Bridgestone in-house testing confirms the all-round improved performance of Turanza T005 compared to the current Turanza T001 EVO[2]: approximately 10% longer wear life, meeting and even going beyond drivers’ expectations[3], with significantly improved wet cornering and wet braking, dry braking and rolling resistance.

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