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A rare 1939 Alta, crewed by Gareth Burnett and Matthew Vokes, has won the tenth anniversary run of the Flying Scotsman Rally. Driver Gareth Burnett has won the event twice before in 2013 and 2016, both at the wheel of a Talbot 105 Alpine, making the first driver to score a hat-trick.

Burnett said: “It was probably the toughest event yet with the best competition. But the real joy was in bringing this car to this event when no one thought it would even finish it – and that included me!”

Although an experienced classic rally navigator, this was Vokes first ever vintage rally and the first time he’d met Burnett. Vokes said: “It’s been a real experience, great route, fantastic competition and cracking company. You couldn’t ask for more really.”

The winners beat off strong competition from fellow two-time winner William Medcalf, with navigator Andy Pullen, who finished just .07 behind the leaders in the 1925 Bentley Super Sports. Bill Cleyndert and Dan Harrison, also in a 1925 Bentley, secured third place.

The four-day event, organised by the Endurance Rally Association, covered 726 miles and negotiated 13 Tests and 15 Regularities. It started at 1pm on Thursday 26th April and ended around 3:15pm on Sunday 29th April on the world-famous Royal Mile, with crews greeted by Frank Ross, Edinburgh’s Right Honourable Lord Lieutenant and Lord Provost.

Amongst the Class winners were David Ayre and David Duncan in the newly repaired 1907 Itala, last year’s winners Paul Crosby and Ali Procter in the 1939 MG TB Supercharged, and Peter Lovett and David Richards, Chairman of the MSA, in the 1937 Frazer Nash BMW 328.

There were special awards for three of the 107 crews that crossed the start line at Brooklands Motor Museum on Thursday, as the event returned to its roots with an exciting new ‘Brooklands to Edinburgh’ route over four days of exceptional motoring.

The Spirit of the Rally award went to Jef and Anton Van Hoylandt in the 1934 Lagonda M45 Tourer, while the ‘Concours d’Elegance award went to Rob and Hayley Stoneman in the 1935 Alvis Firebird Special. The award for the Best Dressed Crew was split between two crews, with an award given to each of the navigators. Marina Goodwin in the 1934 Talbot 105 Alpine, with husband Graham, and Ann Boland in the 1929 Bentley 41/2, with husband Andrew, both received the accolade.

Rally Director Fred Gallagher said: “This event has got better and better year after year. The standard of cars and driving is excellent, but the credit must go to the navigators who face an intense challenge. Our thanks go to every crew and marshal who has contributed to this fantastic event over the past ten years.”

The 10th Flying Scotsman – 2018 – Awards Overall Awards
1st Gareth Burnett & Matthew Vokes              1939 Alta – 2000cc
2nd William Medcalf & Andy Pullan                 1925 Bentley Super Sports – 5300cc
3rd Bill Cleyndert & Dan Harrison                   1925 Bentley 3-41⁄2 – 5300cc

Class 1, Pioneer Cars – pre-1920
1st David Ayre & David Duncan                     1907 Itala 40 – 7500cc

Class 2, All Cars 1920 to 1948, up to 1500cc
1st Paul Crosby & Ali Procter                         1939 MG TB Supercharged – 1466cc
2nd Shane Houlihan & Richard Pain              1937 Riley 12/4 Special – 1492cc
3rd Andrew Davies & Jonathan Davies           1936 Riley 12/4 Special – 1500cc

Class 3, All Cars 1920 to 1948, 1501 to 2500cc
1st Peter Lovett & David Richards                1937 Frazer Nash BMW 328 – 1991cc
2nd Stephen Owens & Nick Cooper              1937 Jaguar SS100 – 2500cc
3rd Gavin Henderson & Diana Henderson   1939 Frazer Nash BMW 328 – 1971cc

Class 4, Vintage 1920 to 1930, over 2500cc
1st Peter Neumark & Guy Woodcock         1922 Bentley 3-41⁄2 – 4398cc
2nd Hugh Apthorp & Graeme Brown          1929 Bentley 41⁄2 – 4500
3rd Jonathan Procter & Joe Twyman         1925 Bentley 3-41⁄2 – 4398cc

Class 5, Vintageant 1931 to 1948, 2501 to 4000cc
1st David Thomson & Alan Smith               1936 Talbot 105 Alpine – 3377cc
2nd Rob Stoneman & Hayley Stoneman     1935 Alvis Firebird Special – 3571cc
3rd Rudi Friedrichs & Helga Friedrichs      1933 Alvis Speed 20 SA – 2566cc

Class 6, Vintageant 1931 to 1948, over 4000cc
1st James Gately & Tony Brooks               1937 Cadillac Convertible – 5670cc
2nd Willem Vermeulen & Ellen Vermeulen 1936 Alvis Speed 25 – 4300cc
3rd Alain Janssens & Luc Bresseleers      1938 Bentley Derby Special – 4250cc

Lucky Dip Team Winner – MHR 2
Alan Beardshaw & Peter Fletcher             1934 Aston Martin Ulster – 1500cc
Gavin Henderson & Diana Henderson      1939 Frazer Nash BMW 328 – 1971cc
Peter Lovett & David Richards                  1937 Frazer Nash BMW 328 – 1991cc

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