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Formula Vee Move to VW Golf Power for 2019

Formula Vee Ireland have announced that the aging air cooled 4 cylinder VW engine is to be phased out at the end of 2018. The class organisers have cited excessive costs and lack of availability for parts as the main reason for this.

“We need to move with the times”, said a class spokesman, “and you just can’t get the parts for the older engines any more. Having looked around , we have decided on the Golf GTI Mk5 engine and will mate this to a suitable gearbox. This engine produces around 200bhp in standard form and is very reliable in standard tune.”

With current Vees speculated to be running somewhere around 80-90bhp, this will significantly improve performance. Remember, air cooled Vees have lapped the Mondello National circuit in under a minute- with the new engine installed, and bhp more than doubled, we should see the Irish built machines dip into the 57 second bracket.

The class say they will have a prototype of the 2019 200bhp Formula Vee up and running before the Leinster Trophy meeting in September.

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