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All New Open Endurance Series to Run Relay Teams!

Looking for a new challenge? Want maximum seat-time, value for money & a test of your mental & physical endurance? The brand new Open Endurance Racing Series offers all that & more!
– 7 rounds, 5 track layouts, 3 circuits
– Up to 70 minutes behind the wheel
– Pit stops & driver changes
– Relay teams
– Prize fund
– Completely open regulations (all closed wheel cars eligible)

Rob King, all round good guy and complete petrolhead, has been tasked with running the new Endurance Series and thanks to some superb work on his behalf, the reaction has been both strong and positive. Many have opined that it is somewhere for the former SEAT Supercup cars to race, as their series would appear to have ended. While this is probably what triggered the move initially, there are plenty of other cars around, including a handful, which are capable of beating the Supercups- at least in terms of outright pace. Connaire Finn and Paul Monaghan have a pair of Ginettas and both have lapped Mondello well under the magic minute. Finn’s former sparring partner Pat McBennett has developed his Lotus Elise into a fearsome machine and has also recently acquired a Radical SR3 Supersport- which has potential to be the fastest of them all. NI Saloons, ITCC Cars and ASK Supercars are also eligible for these races and expect to see representatives of all of them at some stages of the season. ASK Racing also have some other cars under wraps, which would be strong contenders, should they decide to dust them off.

With some potential competitors concerned their cars were not suitable for a full distance, the hamster in Rob’s head got up onto its little wheel and  the following interesting conclusion was arrived at. In his own words: “We had a ton of feedback from lads mad keen to take part but knew their car wouldn’t last a full 50 minutes on a tank of fuel. So, after a lot of head scratching the solution, and a great suggestion from BMW racer Martin Duffy, we came up with is to include Relay Teams. So for the same price as a normal entry you can enter in the Invitational class as a Relay Team. A relay team consists of 2 cars and up to 2 drivers.  So driver A and car A start the race, make their pit stop at the halfway point and hand over to driver B in Car B who then goes on to finish the race!” An interesting concept which not only makes the class more accessible, but should add spice to the proceedings in the races too! The opening round is in Bishopscourt on May 12/12 and the organisers have announced that the race will cost just £130 for those already competing in another class over the weekend- not bad value for 20 minutes qualifying and a 50 minute race!


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