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60 Seconds With: Billy Coleman 2017 Award Winner, Callum Devine

Occupation: Digger driver

Road Car: Golf

Rally Car: Opel Adam R2

Drive of my life: Not wile sure had some good results that come to mind, I think we did a real good job on wales rally GB this year in R5 as we didn’t drive and R5 car before and the event was good to get round and set some decent times in the car!

Best car ever driven: the R5 fiesta was nice for sure, but I still enjoyed my Adam R2 was always enjoyable to drive when pushing 👍🏻

Callum Devine R5 Ruaidhri Nash
Image via Ruaidhri Nash

Dream Race Car: Hyundai 2017 WRC

Dream Road Car: an M4 with all the bells on it 😍

Other Interests: Football, farming

Biggest Supporter: My Dad wouldn’t of been possible without him.

Fav food: Steak and chips

Fav Restaurant: Ones that make a good steak

Our round, whats your drink?: brandy and ginger would be the drink passing through the hand most often on a night out!

One Musician/Band you rate:
Can listen to most, Picture This and Walking on Cars would be mostly played

One you don’t: Daniel O’Donnell would not be on my play list at the moment

One Movie you rate: Love most movies, The guardian is one of my favs

One you don’t: Star Wars

Congratulations on the Billy Coleman, have you plans for 2018 yet?
Our plan at the moment is the Junior WRC

Callum Devine Billy Coleman



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