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Irish Motorsport TV- Classic Fiesta Zetec Action from the Leinster Trophy 2017

How many times have people asked you what the best way into motor racing is? In our case, many many times. Motor racing, by its nature, is never going to be cheap. However, a budget series is always going to be popular and none more so than in the case of the Mondello based Fiesta Zetec series.

Prompted by a series running in Kirkistown and the lack of an entry saloon series, Mondello introduced the series back in 2013 and grids were immediately packed to capacity. There were a few (quite a few actually) eligibility issues, with over 20 cars found in contravention of the technical regulations in the first season (!) but things have gradually settled down and the cars, for the main part, are pretty equal. The beauty of the series is twofold. Firstly the initial cost price. The cars change hands for around €2,000- that is incredibly cheap for a race ready car in anyones book. Secondly, with only standard parts allowed, there are no shock adjustments or ride height adjustment and therefore are easy for the man on the street to maintain and run. The cars are also eligible for Sprints, Hillclimbs, Rallycross and a few other events- and can conceiveably be used for all of these- just ask Brian “Patch” Matthews! Also, if you have one of these machines, you can enter the brilliant 6 Hour Endurance race at the end of the season- definitely the best, and most fun, race of the year!

Still not convinced? Have a look at the Irish Motorsport TV action from the Leinster Trophy in September:

Image from Michael Chester

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