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60 Seconds With: Cian Carey

Occupation: Engineer

Road Car: Opel Astra/Citroen Van

Race Car: 2011 Dallara formula 3 VW

Drive of my Life: 2017 Leinster Trophy weekend. Race 1- I dominated in wet conditions

Best car ever driven: My current F3 is an absolute animal

Dream race car: Has got to be the McLaren MP4/4

Dream road car: Hmm tough one, the Ferrari 488 would turn some heads going through Ratoath!

Other interests: Running , Golf , Eating

Biggest Supporter: 2 of them. My dad and my girlfriend Ursula

Fav Food: So much choice but I’d have to say proper Spanish paella

Fav Restaurant: Port House Dublin

Our Round( Fav drink): Throw me on a pint of Heineken

Cian Carey

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