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60 Seconds With: Niall Murray

Occupation: A lot of things at Murray Motorsport, including Content Manager on the store side as well as Co-ordinator & Driver Coach/Data Engineer on race team side.

Road Car: Have a Clio 172 thats not ready for road so just been jumping between other people’s cars for months but just bought a 2000 Punto Sporting 1.2, great fun.

Race Car: Nothing in my possession anymore but this year its been mainly a 2010 Van Dieman FF1600, 2017 spec Ginetta G55 GT4 in British GT and Taatus F4 in USF2000.

Drive of my Life: Has to be 2013 Formula Ford Festival!

Best car ever driven: Toss up between BTCC NGTC Avensis, SEAT Supercopa, FF1600 or Ginetta G55 GT4 but probably the BTCC car for sheer overwhelming feeling of grip/traction after stepping into it from only driving 100bhp Ginetta Juniors previously.

Dream Race Car: Going to cheat slightly to bring Rallycross Supercars into the mix. Those guys and their cars are just crazy, ever since the Irish Rallycross days of the early/mid noughties with McCluskey, Tracey, Carnegie etc and seeing my dad getting to race them occasionally gave me the huge urge to want to drive one. Some day I’ll blag my way into one.

Dream Road Car: This one changes more than the weather (hence I never have same car for more than a few months!). But at the moment I’d love my first car back, a 1989 1.3 Starlet, best handling car I ever had and the fact that you had to have a knack to start it in the mornings, especially in winter, just added to the enjoyment.

Other Interests: When your hobby, career, 9-6 job, part time job and dinner table talk is Motorsport, there’s not much time for anything else!

Biggest Supporter: Big ‘supporting team’ around me. My family, friends and especially my girlfriend all of whom I am extremely grateful for.

Fav Food: Chicken. In a curry, stir fry, wrap, roll, burger etc no matter where I am, I rarely order anything else.

Fav Restaurant: Nandos – see above for the reason why.

Our Round: When its good, a pint of Guinness but mostly a Heineken.

Niall Murray


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