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Motormouth’s Mutterings- Want Some Soup?

Whilst wandering around the paddock on the morning of the recent Historic Car Festival, I met Steve Griffin and his son in law Jason Loughrey. As we chatted, they introduced me to George Karellas,  a YouTuber who was doing a piece on Steve. I invited George up to the tower so he could get some shots from the balcony and we got talking… and talking… and talking!

Turns out George not only an utterly charming guy, (as you will see from his videos,) but he is one of us, a proper petrolhead. He has a collection of classics including a Lotus Esprit, Range Rover and even a VW bus. His video channel, Soup Classic Motoring, charters his work and rebuild on these vehicles- and is utterly mesmerising! Whilst chatting about Steve, he asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing a quick interview with him. Unusual for me to be the interviewee, but we chatted as if we were sitting in a pub with a couple of pints in front of us. My first memory of Mondello, some of Steve’s stories, the famous Smarties Mini and much much more all came up for discussion. Below is the latest episode of Soup Classic Motoring and thankfully George is handy enough at editing so I don’t sound too like Uncle “During The War” Albert as I get all misty eyed discussing the good old days. Aptly enough, considering the purpose of George’s visit, Steve blitzed both of the HRCA races, at the wheel of the Liam Plower Modsport Midget, crossing the line well clear of the opposition. For perspective, his first win at the venue was 49 years ago…..

Beware though, these videos are addictive, you are likely to lose half a day as you watch them all in one sitting! Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to the channel too!

I can’t wait for George’s next video, as you have probably guessed, i have watched all 10 so far- in just two sittings! So, in the immortal words of Oliver Twist, “Please Sir, can I have some more?”

In the meantime, next up for me is in The Leinster Trophy in two weeks time.


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