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TDC Production Car Trial- one day licences available!

TDC are running a Production Car Trial in County Kildare on Sunday 7th May. Open to non-members without a Competition Licence, first time competitors will be make feel very welcome. Suitable for any standard, road-going, small car. No preparation or special equipment needed. These events are renowned for being a cheap, fun and easy introduction (or return) to motorsport.

START: Rathbawn House, Kilteel, Co Kildare (by kind permission of Joe Reynolds). Start 11.30 SHARP (Check-in from 10.30 am, Driver’s briefing 11.15 am)

ENTRIES: These should be sent to: Philip O’Reilly, 23 Stepaside Park, Enniskerry Road, Stepaside, Dublin 18. Tel: 087-2686333. E-Mail: . Closing date Thursday 4th May.

ONE EVENT LICENCES (€25 each) WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE START FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT HOLDERS OF A FULL ANNUAL COMPETITION LICENCE. One passenger, or bouncer (minimum age 16 years) may be carried once they have signed on.
The organising club reserves the right to refuse an entry without assigning a reason for such refusal.

1) Classes: Class 1 Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive & Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Class 2 Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Class 3 Cars first registered after 1st January 2007
2) Sections will be set to minimise risk of damage to normal road-going cars
3) Tyres must not be ‘Grip’, ‘Town & Country’ or ‘Knobbly’ patterns. The following tyres are specifically excluded: Sterling (ATS) All Season Remould, Michelin XRN, Pirelli P7, Uniband Rally Steel, Goodyear All Weather Steel Radial, Goodyear Vector. Minimum Tyre Pressure will be 18 PSI
4) Kit Cars, Specials, Commercial Vehicles are not eligible for awards
5) Cars with any form of Limited Slip Differential are penalised by 2 marks per section on top of the actual score, to a maximum of 10 marks on any one section.
6) 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive is not permitted
7) Double Drivers are permitted
Cool There will be no practising of the sections
9) There will be 11 ‘Gates’ on each section, numbered 10 > 0
Standing starts with front wheels on the Start line are required
Zero marks will be awarded for a clean passage though a section
If a car stops, rolls backwards or touches a marker, the competitor will be awarded the mark on the previous marker. A stop is defined as when a car makes no further forward motion in a 5 second period. A car will be judged to have passed a marker when the centre of both front wheels have crossed an imaginary line between the 2 stakes
10) Unless specified by officials, you may not cross your own tracks during a section and must follow the ‘intended’ line
11) Passengers must stay within the confines of the passenger compartment with their feet on the floor
12) Ties will be decided in favour of the competitor with the most 0s, then 1s, 2s etc.
13) Competitors must complete all the sections in one lap before they start another lap. If double driving, one driver must complete all the sections before the second driver commences their lap.


Entry Form

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