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Inside Line- In the hot SEAT, with Erik Holstein

2017’s SEAT Supercup kicked off a few weeks back, and we made a last minute decision to take part. We borrowed a car the day before, (thanks Rod!) but there wasn’t a chance for Murray Motorsport to give it a proper once over before the weekend, so it was always going to be a bit of a lucky dip effort.

P3 on the grid was better than I was expecting, but then things started to go pear shaped for the rest of the day.

I got a blinder of a start in Race 1, but was fed into the wall off the line and had to brake out of it or it would have been like a plane crash. The car seemed ok early on and initially I battled with team mate Barry English for second. I took 3rd in the end, just about holding off Mr. Fildes to the line, but the pace was gone, and it definitely didn’t bode well for race 2!

Sure enough, I was back peddling from the off in R2. Both handling and speed were gone, and couldn’t stop the yoke either- just to add to the mix! A puncture finished it off, and I was in the bar already before the others were even out of parc fermé. Day 1 and already a DNF. Great start. Good to see Barry English taking his first SEAT win though, well deserved!

Anyhows, first world problems. Onwards and upwards. Rod is flying in his car, and seems miles ahead of the rest on pace. But it’s a long year. Challenge accepted!


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Image from James Foley


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