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1,000 Testers wanted for iLaps Smartphone telemetry system!

iLaps is the first and only telemetry system designed for smartphones. Now you can access all the information you need during your sessions on track without expensive and complex telemetry equipment . A real system for data reporting and sharing in the palm of your hand.
“The steering wheels are like smartphones!”
Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 world champion 2016

In sport, improvement is obtained from the analysis of mistakes, especially in motorsport where you compete for milliseconds and you have to deal with a number of variables often not directly attributable to the driver, but to his mechanical means.
To improve, whether it is to compete on an amateur or professional level, it is essential a to use a system of practical and intuitive performance analysis. iLaps interfaces with the SIGMA (Sports GPS Interface Mobile Armour): practical dashboard water and shock resistant and equipped with a GPS system which works at a frequency of 50 Hz, able to ensure a margin of error of less than one meter (compared with 20 meters of the traditional GPS).

Absolute performance is the result of the improvement of both driver and equipment, and to this end, iLaps is able to help with vehicle set-up, on both two or four wheels. IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is a system that detects the longitudinal and lateral movements thanks to gyroscopes and accelerometers at 9 axes. Used in conjunction with GPS, this provides data on pitch, roll and yaw (with a tolerance of 0.06°) that will help you understand the optimal set-up trim. Once you have made the appropriate changes, save your set-up, in order to compare the data of behavior and improve your lap times.
sigma-ilapsiLaps does not require any software to be used: the data collected during track sessions will be transmitted to the cloud, with the ability to access them from any device with internet connection (PC, Mac or smartphone). You can also create your own section of and compare your times with your friends and give/get advice on how to improve your performance. Don’t worry about your competitors/teams: all wireless data transmissions are protected and you choose who can access your data. The iLaps app (available for Apple and Android) is fully customizable and extremely user-friendly, thanks to its interface “drag & drop.”

Want to try iLaps exclusively? We are looking for 1,000 testers to continue developing our product, in return you can buy the product at a discounted price of more than 70%! Signing up is easy: go to and fill out the form in the appropriate section.

i-Laps – The telemetry in your hands



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