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#ITRC @JonArmstrong84 gets @MSportLtd Ford Fiesta R2 for @GalwayIntRally

It’s the news we’ve all be waiting for, M-Sport have confirmed that Fermanagh na-tive Jon Armstrong has been tasked with the enviable job of giving their Ford Fiesta R2T Sport Trophy car its ITRC debut on next weekends Galway International Rally.

M-Sport developed the car as a cheaper alternative to the full Fiesta R2T with the in-tention of running one make series throughout Europe.The main difference between the two cars are in the engine and suspension, the car runs a standard engine producing 150bhp and an non-adjustable suspension. M-Sport are sending over a suspension kit prior to Galway for Jon to test in his own R2T. He will use M-Sport’s own car in Galway.

Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong said:
“I am really pleased that M-Sport have invited me to drive the car in Galway. I think Irish Tarmac Rally Championship Fiesta Sport Trophy is a great platform for young drivers to showcase their talent in a Homologated car and with the prize on offer from M-Sport, it could also give them an opportunity to further develop their career”.

Jon and co-driver Noel O’Sullivan will also receive backing from Lakeland Tyres.
Adrian Frazer M.D. Lakeland Tyres said:
“I am delighted to be involved, Jon is a very talented driver and this is a great opportunity to raise our brand profile”.

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