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Saeed Al Hajri Confirmed for Déjà Vu Killarney 2017

Saeed Al Hajri, the Qatar driver who has clocked up 18 international wins, will return to Ireland as a guest of the Déjà vu Killarney organisers this Easter.

The double Middle Eastern Rally Champion came to Ireland on three occasions in the 1980s and made an impression on all of them.

“We are recreating the famous Rothmans Rally Team as a central feature in our Group B Rallycar themed event and Saeed is the second former Rothmans driver who has agreed to join us on the 15-16 April.” Enthused Dr. Beatty Crawford and Plum Tyndall.

The dashing Arab brought heat into a very chilly West of Ireland back in 1986 when he slid his Porsche SCRS into second place on an artic Galway International Rally. This extraordinary result was achieved by ‘The King of the Dunes’ who had hardly even seen snow let alone driven in it before that February!

Al Hajri returned that Easter to re-join his teammate Billy Coleman in the Rothmans Porsche Team on The Circuit of Ireland Rally. His second visit was also sensational but for all the wrong reasons.

In the pioneering days of on-board cameras Saeed clipped a bank on the opening day. The Porsche’s spotlight flew into the middle of the road and as the 911 spun through 360 degrees before resuming in its original direction it ran over the large light.

The incident was perfectly recorded on the car’s bumper camera and it remains a much viewed clip on YouTube to this day.

Saeed’s third visit was with the Rothmans Ford Team in a David Sutton run Sierra Cosworth in 1989. Frank Meagher’s Mk II Escort gave the turbo car a memorable run for its money on the Cork 20 Rally before succumbing to an engine failure, and giving the visitor his one and only Irish Tarmac win.

Details on Ferry Deals, Registration & Accommodation rates, and the celebration dinners are all available HERE 


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