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#F1 @timholmesdesign Injects Colour & Character Back into @F1

We’ve all bemoaned how Corporate F1 has become several shades of grey, and not even the good kind. We’re talking dull, bland, canvases. Those of us raised on F1 in the 80’s and 90’s remember the loud and lairy days of 7up or B&H Jordans, the audacity of BAR to attempt a dual colour scheme. (Man I wish that blue scheme won out).

No I’m not calling for a return to tobacco sponsorship. Just an injection of character. In an era where even the drivers’ helmets have been limited in their creative expression, while being consumed by sponsors something has been lost. Character.


We don’t see the personality of the driver. We rarely get to witness it amongst the need for the driver to keep sponsors happy, and while this is all well and good for those that pay the bills it becomes rather dull for everyone else.

F1 needs it characters back. We need to see drivers become the main focus. Sure let the manufacturers sell their fantastically complex and efficient product, but lets stop pretending it’s the reason why fans (ever decreasing amounts of us) tune in on an F1 race weekend.


We tune in to see gladiators. We tune in to see these drivers put it on the line in their attempt to beat each other on track. Sometimes we even tune in to see them have a meltdown after their snapchat doesn’t go down well with the press, or the hilarious attempt at an Irish accent to a Scottish journalist.

That’s right, it’s all very well to have sponsors and manufacturers to the forefront of viewing but they should be the support acts, tagging along for the ride as we celebrate the personality of the drivers. One man who’s on fire with his ideas for such a transformation is Tim Holmes. We love his work and we’re pretty sure you will too.


(If we could just persuade him to do a Hulk Renault version)
Edit. Seems like we have, and it’s brilliant.
So good is the work he’s even made Red Bull’s duo stand out.
Take a bow, Tim Holmes.

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