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#DTM @robertwickens Dominates Soaking Wet Race One

Canadian Robert Wickens took his second victory of the year with a dominant display at an extremely wet Moscow Raceway.

The race started under the safety car to allow the driver to get to grips with the drenched circuit. Once the safety car was called back into the pits polesitter Gary Paffett led the field into the first corner on the fourth lap of the race. Paffett didn’t lead for long as Robert Wickens took advantage of the British driver running slightly wide to dive up the inside and take the lead. A lead which the Canadian would run away with.

Meanwhile championship contender Edo Mortara begun his charge up the field. He swiftly overtook both Tambay and championship rival Jamie Green. The first overtake was a cruise past the French driver and the latter was a well-calculated move on the inside of Green at the final corner. Meanwhile Rosenqvist and Glock battled for eighth. Glock despite pulling ahead on the straight could not pass the debutant.

Soon the two were caught by the duo of Green and Mortara. Mortara made an outstanding move around the outside of Glock at the final turn and the Italian soon eased past Rosenqvist. Green quickly made light work of Glock and pulled ever closer to Rosenqvist.

Meanwhile at the front of the field Paul Di Resta managed to very easily pass polesitter Gary Paffett for second but at this stage any hope of catching the flying Wickens was pretty much eradicated. Edo Mortara’s charge hit a snag when the Audi driver ran wide and subsequently lost time on Scheider when a swap of positions looked imminent for a while.

Paul Di Resta almost lost second not long after gaining it when the Scotsman bombed into the final corner and ran very wide. However he was able to contain Paffett. Towards the back of the field Green made up yet another position, this time on Felix Rosenqvist. Edo Mortara moved up to seventh after streaming around the outside of Scheider on the start finish straight while Green also easily passed the former champion with a move around the outside. Meanwhile one of the final events of the race was another one involving Green and Mortara. It was an excellent overtake by Green who dived up the inside of Mortara while simultaneously wrestling his car for control as it struggled to find traction.

Ultimately it was Robert Wickens who took a commanding victory on a drenched Moscow circuit. The Canadian led a Mercedes domination as the German outfit secured the first four places. This win lifts him to the very top of the championship, a perfect consolation for his unluckiness that prevented him from doing the double at Zandvoort. Wittmann who was top of the standings before this race falls to second after failing to score a point while Green closes in on the lead just 1 point off Wittmann and four off Wickens.


  1. Wickens
  2. Di Resta
  3. Paffett
  4. Gotz
  5. Ekstrom
  6. Martin
  7. Green
  8. Mortara
  9. Scheider
  10. Rosenqvist
  11. Glock
  12. Tambay
  13. Mueller
  14. Farfus
  15. Spengler
  16. Rockenfeller
  17. Molina
  18. Auer
  19. Wittmann
  20. Da Costa
  21. Tomczyk
  22. Blomqvist
  23. Vietoris
  24. Juncadella


  1. Wickens (108 points.)
  2. Wittmann (105 points)
  3. Green (104 points)
  4. Mortara (92 points)*
  5. Di Resta (92 points)
  6. Martin (71 points)
  7. Ekstrom (68 points)
  8. Paffett (67 points)
  9. Muller (62 points)
  10. Blomqvist (52 points)

*Mortara is ahead of Di Resta on races won.

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