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Inside Line- Keeping Busy, with Jordan Dempsey

So as many of you may know, I missed the last race meeting of the BRSCC National Formula Ford Championship due to a lot of catalysts such as not getting an entry up until the very last minute and then because of this, we didn’t get testing. We waited until the last minute before we were due to leave for the circuit to see if we had gotten a testing place, having decided earlier in the week that if we got no testing we weren’t going to go into qualifying having never driven the track.

This frustrated me quite a lot because I was really looking forward to going there and learning the track, getting faster myself and chipping away at the gap to the quickest times. There were also a few things that I’ve learned about my driving since the last event that I wanted to improve on.

Rather than sitting at home sulking for the whole weekend, I worked even harder at my training and pushing my pain barriers further and further than ever before. It’s great that I have the opportunity to have the expertise of Declan Brennan and his experts up at DBSM Centre Of Excellence to know exactly what I need to work on in all areas of my performance thanks to Team Ireland and John Campion.

My Dad and everyone at Team MCP puts so much into it when I race, I decided it was also a chance for me to help out on the spanners for a chance, so I went up to Mondello on the Sunday of the race weekend to give Rod McGovern a hand in the SEAT Supercup. Throughout the weekend though, I kept 1 eye on the live timing from Brands Hatch, and much to my delight, my team mate Niall Murray dominated, powered by an MCP engine all the way to 2 wins, maybe a good omen for when I get to race there later in the year!!

The team and I are now preparing for the next two rounds in Anglesey, Wales. We’re getting the car ready for battle and leaving no stone unturned, I’m looking forward to the next two rounds and have an extra hunger to do well after missing the last event!

Again I would like to thank all of my sponsors SureSkills, Ergo, Novitas, Comsys and TBRM. As well as Murphy Prototypes and P1 : Digital for their support. And also to everone at DBSM and Team Ireland for their support also which I feel has helped me a massive amount this year! (Below is an image of me on a recent visit doing some neck strength training!)


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