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Motormouth’s Mutterings- Do You Know This Man?

Unusual one for me this, but as a friend of mine has had his car damaged, I said I would post the footage anyway. As you may know, I am currently driving the MSL Park Motors latest generation Mazda MX-5. Over the last month I have fallen completely in love with car- it is incredible fun to drive. Mazda say they have gone back to the core values of the original Mk1 Mazda in terms of lightness, pure driving feel etc. With this in mind, I had arranged to film a piece with the new car and a friend’s 1990 version, which just happens to be the original Mazda Ireland press car.  That was until, the gentleman below, obviously a bit worse for wear, decided to do some sort of WWF move onto the bonnet of the car circa 5am the other morning right in front of a CCTV camera. The car was pretty badly damaged, although you can’t see it here, and my plan to compare the two cars was, at best, delayed. The police are not optimistic about tracing the budding Hulk Hogan, but if you know who he might be, please let us know…..

I will be posting a few blogs soon on the new MX-5 and also some footage of it, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, if you want to see the car, it will be on the AXA Stand at the Classic Car Show in Terenure this Sunday, with a (different) Mark 1 for company.


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