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#MotoGP Pedal Power meets Horsepower @Sammmy_be meets @EugeneLaverty

Professional cyclist Sam Bennett gets a feel for speed when he visits fellow Irishman Eugene Laverty at his first MotoGP.

Fogarty Bennett Laverty

Left: Tara Fogarty, Sam Bennett, Pippa Laverty, Eugene Laverty enjoying time on the grid minuets before the big race. Photo Credit0: Cormacgp


Eugene Laverty and the Aspar Ducati team welcomed fellow Irishman professional cyclist Sam Bennett to the French Grand Prix this weekend.

The pair know each other from Monaco where they both reside and train together from time to time. Sam has had a strong start to his season, winning the first stage of Critérium International for his team Bora-Argon 18.

In his time off from racing Sam decided to come to his first MotoGP with his girlfriend Tara Fogarty.

Sam Bennet “MotoGP exceeded all expectations. It was difficult to imagine, prior to seeing it first-hand, just how large the event is and the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes (by the race organisation and the staff). Of course, the number of fans at Le Mans was sensational, creating an excellent atmosphere. Knowing Eugene, I’d never gotten to see this side to him. So focused, driven and confident yet still warm and friendly. What fascinated me was that when Eugene returned to the garage, after a session, the physical and mental demand of the sport was evident just looking at his eyes: Adrenaline pumping! I also noticed how Eugene’s form and consistency this season was reflected in the team. There was a great sense of pride felt amongst the Aspar team, and Pippa! The noise of the bike sitting idle was enough to create a sense of excitement and only for that noise you wouldn’t see them passing: they moved THAT fast! The sheer speed is incredible.I knew beforehand that I would enjoy the event but I didn’t realise I’d be contemplating a career change haha!”

Eugene Laverty Sam Bennett

Sam gives Eugene a few tips before he heads out for the race.

Sam goes back to Monaco to get prepared for The Tour of Belgium in 2 weeks time, while Eugene heads home to Northern Ireland for the North West 200.

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