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It’s the Russian Grand Prix and, of course, Dany Kvyat is the star attraction at his home race. As such Dany spent Wednesday meeting the press and, given the location, continued his tradition of sampling the venues created for the XXII Winter Games. Last year Dany, a keen fan, visited to the ice hockey arena. This time around he went out of his comfort zone, up into the Krasnaya Polyana mountain range and to the Sanki Sliding Centre, home of the Olympic bobsleigh run. Dany spent his day with the Gold medal-winning Russian national bobsleigh team who were training at the venue.

Dany Kvyat Russia 3

“It was good to get a little bit closer to the sport,” said Dany. “There are some similarities with Formula One, there is a lot of aerodynamic work that goes into the design of the bobs and the speed they can generate on a very tight track is very cool. The sleds can pull up to 5G in the corners and reach speed of up to 200kph.”

Dany Kvyat Russia 2

Dany was presented with his own personalized bobsleigh that bore more than a passing resemblance to his usual mode of transport. He practiced climbing in and out and took some technical advice on the sport from the Russian national team. Dany gave them a pep talk before they went back out to continue their training regime.

Dany Kvyat Russia 1

Snowboarding TAG Heuer Ambassadors were also present with Dany meeting husband and wife Vic Wild and Alena Zavarzina, respectively double gold and bronze medalists at Sochi.

To finish off the day, several keen members of the media took on the course in a bright orange padded version of a bobsleigh and, judging from the screams, found the experience challenging but a lot of fun.

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