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#F1 Mini Massa Calls out @DanielRicciardo CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Formula 1 has had many great rivalries over the years.
This week we saw the emergence of a new pair of protagonists.
Enter the ring Felipinho Massa as he throws down the gauntlet to Daniel Ricciardo.
This time its CRAZY CART.

Clearly Daniel Ricciardo was in no mood for smack talk.
No Massa could be allowed to get away with this unchallenged.
Not even a really really ridiculously cute Mini Massa.
Challenge Accepted!!!

We’ve seen Mini Massa showing off his skills on Instagram.
10 laps, home track advantage and his dad as judge.
Surely the honey badger had met his match.

Felipinho – Crazy Cart Champion of the World.
We love everything about this.
It’s fun and it’s something the F1 family needs more of.
FYI though Daniel, 2nd is the 1st loser. 😛

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