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Mondello Park Rallycross from 1989 –

Back in the late 90s, there were no Supercars in Irish Rallycross- all you needed was a well sorted Escort! In the days before Mondello’s pitlane garages were even thought of, and what is now Rallycross 3 was still part of the perimeter road, the sport was hugely popular as this, the first day of the European Championship visit shows. Having left Rallycross two, the cars initially headed up the hill towards Dunlop, where the dummy grid is today, but immediately turned right onto a long sweeping gravel surfaced right hander, which tightened as it rejoined the main straight, somewhere around where garages 3/4 are today! Tommy Graham was the man on form in his Escort but Kenny McKinstry makes him work hard in his BDA powered Mk2.

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