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Aspar Team Announces Partnership with Motard Energy Drink

An alliance built on success. The team run by Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ seals support of energy drink suppliers, who arrive in MotoGP ready to make a difference. A love for motorcycles, youthfulness and breaking the norm are the values that define Motard Energy Drink, a new brand of energy drink that arrives in the MotoGP World Championship looking to make a difference.

2016/02/18 - mgp - test - Phillip Island -

The Aspar Team has been entrusted with taking the Motard Energy Drink brand into the most challenging motorcycling series in the world, with an agreement between the two parties in place for the upcoming season. Far from being just another brand of energy drink, Motard Energy Drink is different to the rest thanks to the quality and look of its products, but also because a percentage of profits are donated to special programmes promoting road safety for motorcyclists.

AsparTeam_MotoGPtest_Australia 26These shared values between the team and the brand have brought them together and now Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ is ready to make his experience, track record and knowledge count, so that Motard Energy Drink can enter the MotoGP World Championship paddock through the front door. Motard Energy Drink will sponsor the Aspar Team for both its Moto3 and MotoGP projects in 2016. It promises to be a long-lasting relationship that craves nothing but success.


Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ – Aspar Team CEO: “It is hugely satisfying for the Aspar Team to reach an agreement with a young and dynamic company like Motard Energy Drink. Their product is exciting, with very similar values to our team. It is also a brand that identifies very closely with the world of motorcycling, they are prepared to invest in the safety of all motorcyclists and particularly in youth. I am delighted to become part of the Motard Energy Drink family. We hope to offer them our experience, our image and our track record as a platform to build from. I am sure that this new adventure can become a long term project and hopefully a very successful one.”

Francisco Cazorla – President of Motard Energy Drink: “Pride, responsibility and safety are the three words that spring to mind right now. Pride at forming part of a project with the Aspar Team, the best private team in the World Championship on both a competitive and human level. Responsibility for representing a brand like Motard Energy Drink, at the start of an adventure in a difficult but exciting market such as energy drinks. And safety because Motard Energy Drink is the only drink in the world that reinvests some of its profits in the wellbeing of the motorcycling family, in all its forms. Follow us on our social media platforms and you will see what I mean!”

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