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European Rallycross Championship Mondello Park 1993.

Back in 1993, the European Rallycross Championship visited Mondello Park and it was televised at the time. There are some huge names in this one, with the odd local getting a look in too. Despite the best efforts of Will Gollop, Martin Schanche and Tommy Kristoffersson, it seems the weapon of choice was a Citroen!

Now some of you might not recognise the Rallycross track- Rallycross 1 is the same as now, as is the Hole In The Hedge, Rallycross 2 is slightly different but instead of heading off the racetrack and onto the current Rallycross 3, they head for Dunlop corner before turning right onto the dirt, rejoining on the main straight and passing through where garages 1 and 2 are now!! This is not the original circuit either- the initial Rallycross track at Mondello went down towards turn three (Duckhams at the time) and took a long wide sweeping turn on the inside, later replaced by the Hole In The Hedge. Anyway, hard to believe this was 23 years ago. Enjoy……



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