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Rossi Vs Marquez- Theory 2- Three Wrongs don’t make a Right. With Jim Halligan.

Moto GP 2015, The penultimate round of the Championship at Sepang International circuit in Malaysia. All eyes were on the epic Rossi/Lorenzo  battle for the Championship after what was probably the best and most exciting Moto GP race that we have ever seen a week earlier at Philip Island in Australia.

It all kicked off on Thursday’s press conference when Rossi implied that Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo were out to stop him winning championship number 10 and that the two riders were helping each other gain positions , (Both denied this and a war of words then followed all weekend.)

In the race itself,  Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa led from flag to flag with another hugely impressive ride and a return to form that everyone- apart from his rivals- are happy to see.


Jorge Lorenzo gave his Championship chances a boost finishing in second place but the real action was between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez with multiple passes on each other. With the gaps getting tighter with each pass, Rossi began making some hand gestures to Marc. Eventually, the frustration boiled over and Rossi ran Marc to the kerb bringing them both offline with Marquez coming off after they touched at 45 KPH.

The Three Wrongs!

1 Rossi shouldn’t have ran him wide- no matter how frustrated he was.

2 Marquez for saying Rossi kicked him when I have watched the Helicopter shot over and over and can’t see one.

3 Jorge for being a bad sportsman, he finished second and didn’t have anything to do with the incident but on the Podium gave Rossi the thumbs down and stormed off. Later in the Dorna press conference he slated Rossi and said it was hard to believe he was a Yamaha rider and Rossi’s team mate but that he was the one keeping it all going.

The Losers here are us- the Fans, The Championship battle was ruined for the paying public and now we will be  denied the Shootout in Valencia that had motorcycle fans buzzing with anticipation. This is no longer possible with Rossi starting from the back of the grid as his punishment.

And it’s not impossible that the Vale could retire and just walk away after the last few days. He already indicated he might not ride at Valencia and remember he is bigger than the sport- love him or hate him. The TV viewing figures when he was on the Ducati will show you that and in the current economic climate, that would really hurt the championship for years to come.

On a better note, Dani Pedrosa came away shining in glory as he didn’t want to be dragged into the slagging match that was the Dorna press conference afterwards.

Eugene Laverty finished but well off the pace on the Aspar Honda Next year’s Ducati should bring him to a level playing field as that Honda is not working out.

I am not blaming one person, but this is not good for our sport and brings us to the level that our sport shouldn’t be at.

Jim Halligan

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