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Westmeath and District Motor Club Autotest- 8th November 2015

The Westmeath and District Motor Club Autotest 8th November 2015- A Round of the Hewison Trophy National Championship

Have you ever dreamed of racing a car, do you presume it’s a sport too expensive for you? Well according to the Westmeath and District Motor Club motorsport can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of budget. They are running a round of the National Championship Autotest known as the Hewison Trophy on Sunday the 8th November in the AXIS Business Park, Tullamore. This ultra-competitive form of motorsport delivers fun competitive racing at a very low cost. The rules of Autotesting are fairly simple; competitors must drive through a series of short tight courses, known as tests, in the shortest possible time. There are time penalties added for mistakes such as hitting the course markers or taking the wrong route through the test. This Autotest event is being supported by the The Tullamore Court Hotel and will consist of four tests on tarmac which the competitors will have to do three times.

This event is suitable for all two wheel drive, non-turbo road cars. The cars do not have to be road legal so many competitors buy and race very cheap NCT failures.

These cars can be bought for as little as €100 and the cost can be further lowered as the Westmeath club allows a car to be shared by two drivers. Other competitors use their everyday road cars for Autotesting with the Toyota Starlets being quite popular.

The cars require very little modification, with most competitors fitting a steering knob to aid quick direction changes. This Autotest is open to anyone 17 years of age or older with a Motorsport Ireland Race Licence or one day race Licence. With one day licences available for €25 and the beginner and novice entry costing €35 this event will be an ideal opportunity for complete beginners to try this type of competition. Championship points are available to the top 25 drivers overall and the top 10 novices and beginners from each event. It is possible for a competitor to place quite highly in the novice championship with only two or three events entered. So take this opportunity to make your mark on a national motorsport championship.

Joining a motor club to help organise and marshal at events is the ideal first step in to this exciting world for further information follow the Westmeath and District Motorclub and Hewison Autotest Championship pages on Facebook or contact Mark (087)0659368 and

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