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BREAKING NEWS- Donegal Rally stays in 2016 Irish Tarmac Championship! –

On July 9th 2015 Donegal Motor Club Ltd (DMC) announced its intended withdrawal from the 2016 Irish Tarmac Championship (TROA) due to its proposed new format.  DMC could not support the changes to the points scoring system and the effective banning of WRC cars from the series. Nor was it satisfied that enough R5 entries would be in place to replace them. TROA had been informed of this decision on July 2nd 2015.

DMC had proposed that both R5 cars and WRC cars should be eligible to compete for the Championship on the basis that each could score equal points, as a compromise between a total WRC ban, and an R5-only series. DMC also disagreed with the proposed ramp protocol, and believes the winner of a Rally, regardless of the type of car they use, must be recognised as the winner.

At a meeting on July 26th TROA asked DMC to reconsider its decision to withdraw, and clarified that WRC cars will not be banned from the series but will continue to enter the events and receive the same media recognition, including TV, as before. This will include full recognition at the finish ramp.

DMC also attended at meetings in Dublin with competitors on 22nd May and the 29th July 2015. It emerged that there are strong differences of opinion between those who have always supported the Championship and those who wish to see it support R5-only, but an even stronger view among them all that there should be unity within the sport. This was not fostered by the way in which the format of the 2016 championship was proposed to DMC.

DMC is a founder member of TROA, and considers the fair treatment of competitors and the health of the TROA Championship to be vital for Irish Motorsport. DMC has consulted widely with competitors and interested parties, and by reason of the assurances and request received from TROA, has reconsidered its position and will, in the interests of the unity of the sport, continue in the Irish Tarmac Championship in 2016. We consider the format of the TROA to be a matter for ongoing discussion, which we will address at future TROA meetings.

Donegal Motor Club now looks forward to the 2016 TROA Championship and wishes every competitor a safe and successful year. The Donegal International Rally will start on Friday 17th June 2016.

26th August 2015.


Brian Brogan                                                      John Crumlish

Chairman                                                            Secretary.

Donegal Motor Club Ltd                                Donegal Motor Club Ltd.

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