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How much does it cost to run a SEAT Supercup?

As ever, this being Ireland, there have been wildly exaggerated figures bandied about in relation to the running costs for with the SEAT Supercup Ireland series.

To add some clarity to the situation, Niall Quinn, race winner and series leader was happy to provide some figures and show what the actual costs are. In association with Niall and Murray Motorsport, here is what the organisers came up with:

New for 2015, the exciting SEAT Supercup Ireland is based on the hugely successful SEAT Sport factory built Leon Supercopa. With 6 of the 10 rounds which make up the inaugural season already completed, it is the privately run car of Niall Quinn that leads the points standings. With this father & son operation enjoying instant success in their first year in a front wheel drive racing class, this highlights how accessible the SEAT Supercup is to drivers wishing to run a Supercopa themselves. The profile of the country’s only manufacturer supported saloon racing class has also helped Niall successfully attract a number of sponsors for his campaign. Based on Niall’s running costs to date along with information also provided by leading race team Murray Motorsport, who run three of the 301 Bhp SEATs, the following information gives an insight into how much it costs to race in the SEAT Supercup Ireland. With 9 Supercopas already in the country, the cost of purchasing a good example ranges between €25,000 to €30,000.

Entry Fees
Mondello Park
Racing- Qty 3 at €310 per double header – €930 season
Testing- Qty 3 at €105 per half day – €315 season
Bishopscourt (Racing & Testing)- Qty 1 at €310 – €310 seasonquinn
Racing- Qty 1 at €285 per double header – €285 season
Testing- Qty 1 at €100 approx. per day – €100 season


Yokohama Slick Tyre 250/650 R18 (N2371)
Qty 12 (max. permitted) at €308.55 each – €3,702.60 per season
Yokohama Wet Tyre 250/650 R18 (N2320)
Qty 4 at €308.55 per tyre – €1,234.20 per season

Elf Racing 102 octane 50 litres
Racing- Qty 5 at €162 a drum – €810 season
Testing- Qty 5 at €162 a drum – €810 season

Oil:Cullen SEAT Rear
5 litres of Fuchs
Qty 1 at €55.00 per bottle
€55.00 per season

Front Brake Pads:
Racing – Qty 2 at €249.92 a set
Testing – Qty 1 at €249.92 a set
€749.76 per seasonMcGov SEAT
Rear Brake Pads:
€145.20 per season

Brake Fluid:
0.5 litres of CL
Qty 2 at €17.60 per bottle
€35.20 per season

Other prices to note:
Front Bumper €450.00
Wing €200.00
Intercooler SEAT SPORT €260.00Farrelly Murray July
Radiator SEAT SPORT €253.00
Front Panel SEAT SPORT €112.00
Headlight €143.00
Front Brake Disc (AP Racing) €240.00

Despite the high performance of the SEAT Supercopa, maintenance costs are surprisingly low as they use many standard SEAT components. The engine is a good example with SEAT Sport recommending a rebuild after 10,000km – that is 2,857 laps of Mondello Park’s International circuit!

Budget Summary:
Based on contest the full 10 round/5 event 2015 SEAT Supercup Ireland using figures provided here the following totals are reached for running a SEAT Supercopa –
Racing costs – €8,007.04
Testing costs – €1,474.92

Total – €9,481.96

NB- Product prices subject to VAT. Entry & test fee inclusive of VAT

For more information on the SEAT Supercup Ireland, check out their website here or their Facebook page, here.



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