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Naul Hillclimb is ready to go! –

The Naul Hill is ready and waiting for it’s annual dose of hillclimbing… The locals are all set, the balloons are packed for the paddock / camping field, the BBQ is full steam ahead for Saturday night, Patsy has the red carpet out at Killian’s pub, the kettle will be on at McKinleys at the top of the hill for all those arriving early on Friday to help setup (and for everyone else, of course).
It is rumoured that many ex-Champions will be making a welcome reappearance at this hill. Some in the paddock and some even on the hill. If you look back through our list of Champions, we see an interesting selection of names including recent winners like Sylvie Mullins. Champions from last decade include Paul O’Connell (3), Frank Byrnes (3), Pat Roche. Then from the 1990’s winners include Donal Griffin (2), Richard Young (3). From the 1980’s, Ken Fildes (2).
For any hillclimbers who have not yet joined us in Naul, this hill is traditionally described as a very technical course. It is 1.1km consisting of a number of junctions and also fast, flowing sections.
Last year the Naul Hillclimb ran the best hillclimb of 2014, as voted by the competitors in the form of the Dick Bailey Trophy. The MEC and locals were honoured to receive this and are endeavoring to make this year even more memorable.
The social side to Naul hillclimb is based in Naul village, centering around Killian’s Pub. This will be the location for the BBQ on Saturday evening, held alongside the prize giving. We wait to see if the hill route buzz game will make a re-appearance outside Killian’s this year! And personalised buns?

We cannot launch Naul hillclimb without mentioning that this Hill has only ever been won by one man, Simon McKinley, who we dearly miss. The last competition car to drive the hill was Simon’s ‘Scort, just 3 months ago, we must remember it was he who suggested this hill to MEC over 5 years ago and was so helpful every year with the preparations. Simon’s family’s home is at the top of the hill and Deirdre & Rory have told us they’re looking forward to everyone visiting for the hillclimb.
Regs and online entry are available online at

We’re all set for another cracker of a Naul Hillclimb weekend- so come and join us!
Scott Milligan


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