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Colfer Does The Double as ASK Supercars Thrill At Mondello Park

With series leader Sean Doyle away with the ELMS Murphy Prototypes Team in Austria and fellow pacesetter Peter Barrable away in the USA, the latest rounds of the ASK Supercar Championship, at Mondello Park last weekend, were wide open. Bob Cameron and Philip Jones have closed the gap to the leaders in recent times and must have fancied their chances to take their first win of 2015, but Graeme Colfer it was who took first blood by qualifying on pole when the 220bhp Supercars took to the track. Philip Jones was next up, happy to be rid of the understeer which plagued him early in the year with Cameron right there in fourth. Class Newcomer Richie O’Mahony was fourth, with John Cardoo in fifth, feeling his new engine felt completely different to the one which let go in Zandvoort.  Jack Newman, more used to the Rally stages and his Mk2 Escort was fifth and looking forward to doing better in race one. Team Boss Alan Kessie headed the T car trio, with Noel Collins pipping Vinny O’Reilly for second.
When the lights went out for race one, Colfer made no mistakes to lead the pack away and he kept the head down to lead for the duration, taking his first ASK Supercar win. O’Mahony drove well to climb to second, holding the gap to Colfer in the closing stages, with Cardoo completing the podium. Jones was fourth with Kessie unsurprisingly heading the T cars in fifth.
In race two, Colfer again led away but the main interest centred on the incredible 4 car battle for second. Newman was hugely spectacular, moving up to second with some very unorthodox manoevures, including a pass round the outside at the Esses. In true RT2000 style, the hectic battles took their toll on the fibreglass bodywork, with more than a few cars leaving panels around the Kildare countryside. Philip Jones, having survived a clash with the charging Kessie at the final corner, displaced Newman at two thirds distance, but the battle was far from over, with a vastly improved John Cardoo having got used to his new powerplant, right in there too.
At the flag, Colfer was first across the line for the double. The battle scarred Jones was next up with Cardoo and Newman right on his bumper- or at least they would have been if he still had one! Vinny O’Reilly just managed to hold off the recovering Kessie in a T Car drag race to the line with  Noel Collins completing the order.

Image from Michael Chester.

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