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The day Jordan Grand Prix brought their F1 car to Mondello!

Back in 1999, around the time Mondello Park was receiving a raft of upgrades, the International Loop, extended paddock and the plans for pitlane garages, someone somehow persuaded Eddie Jordan to send a current Jordan F1 car and team to the Leinster Trophy- between Grands Prix!

Esat Digiphone no doubt coughed up a few quid as did a few others and David Kennedy was the chosen one who got to pilot the car around the 3.5km International Circuit in front of a capacity crowd. This was just the initial shakedown but you can see that the car appears to want to light up the rears and head for the barriers more than once or twice- despite running in what we are told is high downforce “Monaco spec”.

Watch out for Mark Gallagher and Damien Faulkner, amongst others, while period F1 commentators Declan Quigley and Peter Collins keep us up to date.

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