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BREAKING NEWS- Mondello Park announces new, faster Fiesta Championship

Having made a huge impact on the Irish Motor Racing scene with the introduction in 2013 of what is now the Blackchurch Motors Fiesta Championship, Mondello Park is set to expand its Tin Top offering with a new series for more powerful Fiesta ST models.
The current championship for 1250cc Fiestas has brought many new and returning drivers into regular competition and some of those drivers have expressed a desire to move on to something a bit quicker, but still as cost effective. The new Fiesta ST series will offer that progression, while sticking with a near standard car and tightly controlled regulations.
Long time Saloon and now Fiesta racer, Barry Barrable, initiated the efforts to get the new series up and running before handing over to Mondello Park and he had the following to say about the introduction of the new series. “It’s great to have Mondello Park on board for the exciting new Fiesta ST Class. The class will provide a stepping stone for current Fiesta drivers and new drivers who want to go racing on a limited budget. The rules both technical and sporting will be water tight and the idea is that talent and close racing will be the winner”.
Barrable went on to say ”Interested drivers can now go and buy a Ford Fiesta ST and start building, as the technical rules will allow very few minor changes from the road version. One important thing will be to make sure and check carefully before you buy a car as some road STs have been modified in the engine, ECU and suspension departments, and they won’t be eligible for the new series.”
Starting in 2016, the Fiesta ST Series will run alongside the current Fiesta class at all Mondello Park Car Race events and like the original championship it will remain under the control of Mondello Park. The championship will be open to standard versions of the Fiesta ST 150 model which were built between 2004 and 2008.

The technical and sporting regulations for the series will be published shortly and they will include the stipulation that competing cars must carry an original Fiesta ST VIN number and can’t be built up from other Fiesta models. All news of the series including the regulations when finalised will be available from the Mondello Park web site

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