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Aimee Woods to race Formula Vee

Dundalk driver Aimee Woods will join the Irish Formula Vee grids with immediate effect having bought a Leastone in the last week. She plans an extensive test programme and at least two races this season before embarking on a a full championship campaign in 2016.

Aimee with her new car and Mondello Chief Instructor Ken Elliott.
Aimee with her new car and Mondello Chief Instructor Ken Elliott.

The daughter of well known saloon car preparation specialist Sean Woods, Aimee has done some Uno races and some rallysprints in the past but sees Formula Vee as a new and exciting challenge. She first raced the single seater at the Formula Vee festival last year and has recently made the decision to buy the car she drove.With help from Mondello Chief Instructor Ken Elliott she feels that she can make progress through the field with the ultimate aim of  becoming the first woman to win a Formula Vee race.

Formula Vee came to Ireland in the mid 1970s and was created to provide a low cost form of single seater racing..Vees can now boast the highest popularity with over 50 members in their Association, and about 20 of those regularly competing.

The Formula Vee National Championship consists of races in Ireland (Mondello National and Mondello International), Northern Ireland (Kirkistown and Bishopscourt) and the UK.  A championship was also created to cater for the seasoned fun racer (B championship) as well as one for the novice driver (C championship).

There are approximately 10 race meetings per year, of which 9 are championship events. Each race meeting usually consists of qualifying and one race (with two races taking place on a double header weekend).

All of the Mondello races are broadcast live on, the circuit’s live streaming channel.