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Q&A with Eugene Laverty Pre Argentina

Eugene Laverty: This looks like my kind of track and it’s probably a bit easier to get the hang of than Austin. In terms of new tracks it should take less time for me.

Everything went pretty well in America. It was just in the middle of the race I had a few problems but that was a learning thing. Conditions changed a lot for the race. I rode a good race except those five laps in the middle that cost me 13th, but that’s all part of the learning experience.

Changing your goals after podiums and wins in WSBK?
I’ve been in this position before, when I was in 250s. You have to set realistic goals. In Superbike I was used to winning and then you look at last year, I won the first race but the bike wasn’t capable of winning week-in, week out and I put it in the gravel trap when I should have been settling for results. I’ve changed my mentality over the winter. That’s why I’ve been calm and taking it step-by-step in the first few rounds. I’ve been looking forward to this track for a while though. Even though it’s new for me, looking at it, it should suit me and the Honda as well.

Boost from Austin qualifying performance?
It was a boost because I knew there was a lot more to come from me with more time on the bike at Austin. We didn’t really get enough of a go there so it was positive after missing out on Friday due to the conditions that we weren’t too far away. So it gives me hope that there’s more to come from this bike. We’ve got to keep working at it. The engine is strong enough, we’ve just got to get the rest of it dialled in.

Compare to Nicky?
Nicky I think has a different riding style. I think Nicky and Cal both ride the Honda different to anybody. They have a different way around the track, I guess. But this Honda is pretty versatile. You can ride it in different ways. The Yamaha needs to flow and needs to be ridden in a certain way and it looks like there are a few different ways of riding the Honda. Obviously Marc’s has got to be the best!

Try ride aggressive like Marc?
Well with how Marc is on the bike, yeah he is pretty loose on it. I feel comfy. There are some things I’ve now learned in Austin that I’m able to do on the bike that a lot of the other Hondas aren’t able to do. A different style of corner and Austin had a couple of those rights where I was able to get back almost to my Supersport ways. Where I used to slide the Supersport bike. With these tyres I seem to be able to do that again, so it’s a nice trick to have.

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